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Guitar lessons are personalized for each student. Each guitar lesson consists of one-on-one time where the student is respected and empowered to take ownership over their musical life. My students experience their lessons as being enjoyable, productive and rewarding. Over time, they naturally learn how to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to other areas of their lives.

My students are transformed by their learning experiences because they:

  • Play what they want to play – They select the music of their choice
  • Learn what they want to learn – They select the area of music they want to experience
  • Learn how they want to learn – All material is presented in a way that mirrors their learning style

They experience:

  • Personal growth – Learning new skills creates the confidence for further exploration and builds self-esteem
  • New musical interest – Learning a musical form naturally creates extended interest in a similar or related area and opens new possibilities
  • Success through music – Success in an area of one’s personal interest creates the desire to learn and develop other areas of interest

My students learn how to apply personal growth and success in music to other areas of their lives.

What happens in your free trial lesson?

Guitar Lessons - Level 1

For new players.


Guitar Lessons - Level 2

For experienced players.


Guitar Lessons - Level 3

Advanced study.


Guitar Lessons - For All Levels

Topics covered in all levels.


For real-world examples of my personalized approach to guitar lessons, please see the What Happens in a Guitar Lesson? page.

For additional information, see my article on How to Select a Guitar Teacher.

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What happens in your free trial lesson?

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