How to Listen by Evelyn Glennie

“Music really is our daily medicine.” I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn how to listen better to music, their own music or just to become a better listener for all those who are important to you. Music is an expression of the human experience. The human experience is much more than just using our ears. The text transcript of this talk is available here. ~Jim





Derek Sivers Speech to Berklee College of Music

I would recommend this video to any student who is in a band or desires a career in music. The text transcript of this talk is available here. ~Jim





Derek Sivers: There's No Speed Limit

Here's an article from Derek Sivers that shows how a motivated student's life can be changed through just a few lessons. There's No Speed Limit (The lessons that changed my life.)





What Happens in Your Free Trial Lesson?

How to Select a Guitar Teacher


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As an experienced guitar teacher, Jim Thomas observed that some new players grow frustrated and quit because they think they don't have what it takes to play the guitar, when in reality they just have a bad instrument that is difficult to learn on.

Jim co-founded in order to address this issue. provides instruments that are guaranteed to be good instruments for learning. We individually inspect and perform a customized adjustment to each new guitar so you can be 100% sure that it is easy to play and learn on.


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What happens in your free trial lesson?

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Our retail site, is dedicated to providing guitars that are easy to play and learn on. Each instrument is personally inspected and adjusted to better-than-factory condition by our staff.

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