"I started my journey of the guitar with Jim in 1990. I had fooled around with the guitar a little in college but never took it seriously. I would rate myself as a campfire strummer. My first lesson with Jim I played something that I knew while Jim’s watchful eye took in my every move. He then in a non-threatening way showed me all of my bad habits. We worked on my left hand position, sitting posture, and right hand position. Jim suggested that I start in Berklee Book 1. Before long I was working through Berklee Book 2. One of Jim’s greatest talents is suggesting and never forcing you to do what he wants but allowing you to do what you want. In this way it remains fun and something that you will want to continue.

Jim suggested that I try my hand at classical guitar and I took on the challenge. Jim is very adept at suggesting. He is great at encouragement as you struggle through new techniques and material. His mantra is slow down and play it properly. Which I didn’t always do at first. Before long Jim had me playing in a classical ensemble with 3 other students. It was a great experience. I worked on classical guitar pieces with Jim for 10 years, all the while increasing my skills and playing ability.

Nineteen years later and I am on a new journey with Jim. I have taken my classical skills and have applied them to fingerstyle jazz. We are taking jazz standards like Misty, Autumn Leaves, Girl from Ipanema, etc. and writing them for fingerstyle guitar. I have learned a lot of music theory along the way too.

Jim can play any style of music and adjusts his teaching style to the age and ability of the student. I am a teacher by profession and can tell you that Jim is an excellent teacher. If you really want to learn how to play the guitar Jim can help you realize your goals as a musician."


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